The ABCs Of A Branding Grant Singapore

The ABCs Of A Branding Grant Singapore

Branding grants provide support to your company to allow it to flourish. This article will talk about a branding grant Singapore and other related topics.

What does a branding grant entail?

Companies in Singapore can grow and transform with Enterprise Development Grants (EDGs). Support for this programme focuses on upgrading your capabilities, innovating or expanding overseas within three pillars: Innovation & Productivity, Core Capabilities, and Market Access.

  • Innovation & Productivity: In this pillar, companies are supported in exploring new business areas or looking for ways to increase their efficiency. The three areas that this pillar supports are Automating processes, rethinking processes, and developing innovative products.
  • Core Capabilities: This pillar focuses on helping businesses build strong foundations so they can grow and transform. Strategic brand and marketing development, financial management, human capital development, and business strategy development are among the five areas supported.
  • Market Access: Under this pillar, companies from Singapore willing to go overseas are supported in their plans. Mergers and Acquisitions, pilot projects and test-bedding, and standards adoption are three areas the centre supports.

What are the criteria required for applying to the EDG?

The following criteria should be met by companies interested in applying to the EDG:

  • Register and operate in Singapore
  • Hold at least 30% of the shares locally
  • Obtain a financial position that allows for the project to be completed and launched

When any company undertakes any project, they are expected to complete them within 12 to 18 months upon receiving the grant application. It is advisable to map out a reasonable timeline and duration for your project so that the ideas do not become obsolete in this fast-paced quickly-changing economic world.

The following are the criteria required to apply for the EDG:

  • Relevant proof of quotation or proposal
  • Relevant consultants’ certification
  • Management consultancy scopes
  • Audited financial statements
  • ACRA information

branding grant singapore can be a game-changer for your company. If you have availed of this opportunity, make full use of it.

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