Should You Really Consider Getting Eyelash Extension?

Should You Really Consider Getting Eyelash Extension?

Many women do not have enough time and patience to apply the fake eyelashes daily. So it is not any surprise that the lash extensions now have become more and more popular currently. Eyelash extensions are individual fake lashes glued to your lash line – are now rising in huge popularity. They also give an appearance of the long and full lashes without any need for mascara and eyelash curler and last 4 to 6 weeks with any proper care. But, are eyelash extensions safe? Yes, they are completely safe, providing you get it done professionally.

More About Eyelash Extensions

The eyelash extensions are the semi-permanent fibers glued to your original lashes and make them look longer, darker and thicker. The primary goal of the lash extensions is giving your eyes better look without using mascara and other makeup. Whereas false eyelashes will achieve the required look, there’re a few key differences between the false lashes and the eyelash extensions.

The false eyelashes generally come in the strips, which you can glue over top of your natural lash line as well as remove at an end of a day. The eyelash extensions are the individual fibers, which are attached to every natural lash, and one at time. When applied, the eyelash extensions must last an average lifespan of the natural eyelashes that will range from 6 weeks to 2 months.

Common Kinds of Eyelash Extensions

There’re basically 3 kinds of eyelash extensions available in the market: synthetic, mink and silk. Size availability generally ranges from 6 mm to 17 mm. When selected, lashes will be applied slowly using the specially formulated glue that won’t irritate your eye or damage your natural lash. But, as allergic reactions are a bit possible, there’re different kinds of glue based on sensitivity.

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