The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence

SETI represents the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Knowledge. Kindly be aware that the word ‘radio’ shows up not anywhere in that key phrase, yet searching for unnatural radio transmissions from extraterrestrial societies appear to be in close proximity to synonymous with SETI, as established using the well-liked motion picture “Contact” (according to Carl Sagan’s novel). Presently there is definitely not wrong with radio SETI. The quest for radio surf has been properly planned out and would seem to supply within the highest chance for achievement. But, there are more methods to skin area the SETI cat (mainly because it were actually), and after 49 many years of browsing mostly by means of radio, I suggest that some other methods be followed and discovered. For more details.

Any section of the electro-magnetic (EM) range would work or higher for examination, including optical SETI (seeking laser beams) or infrared SETI (searching for Dyson Spheres) or just seeking alien artifacts (like the unique/movie “2001: A Location Odyssey”). From that, we note that you can technique the research into UFOs and historic astronauts as representing a type of SETI. Whatever investigation informs you that extraterrestrial knowledge (ETI) is available, or when existed, or doesn’t exist by any means (and an adverse end result is as essential as a positive one particular) is SETI.


Why do SETI in any way? Which is an obvious initially queried. Thankfully, there are several good strategies to that question. There’s pure scientific interest to begin with – exploring just in the interest of checking out. Then there’s the more philosophical strategy in this SETI really helps to greater determine our spot in the cosmos. A negative answer is just as significant as a confident solution in figuring out no matter if humanity is exclusive, the top of heap, one of many wonderful unwashed cosmic audience, or perhaps the new son on the obstruct. SETI has a practical part as well in determining the existence of possible neighborhood friends that may be types of gain and/or threats to us. Clearly, a pick handful of professionals, SETI fanatics, have long sensed that SETI was, and it is, well worth undertaking. Radio SETI is (by this writing), a very older research now 49 years.

So if six is really a fortunate number, then seven occasions 7 must be even luckier, but, some 49 yrs right after the very first radio SETI try things out (Project Osama) was executed by Dr. Frank D. Drake, there’s be no good luck in discovering any indication of almost every other scientific extraterrestrial society (49 yrs as I compose this – it’s even longer now). Just what does this suggest to us as a life form with an advanced scientific civilization? Whereby are our ‘kin’ around among the stars?

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